Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bathroom finished

Bathroom renovations are typically a pain.  That being said, we decided to renovate all the bathrooms in our house this year.  What can I say except we must want to live in a mess all year.  So bathroom 1 is done and I am glad this one has been completed.  Since this is a guest bath and rarely used, I decided that I did not want to spend a fortune on it.  Having done bathroom reno projects before, I also know that even on the cheap, baths are typically never super cheap to do when pretty much everything needs to go.

So, for my girlfriends who keep asking me to post some of the progress that I am making, here you go - after shots:

New granite and a vessel sink, that raises the height of the sink without replacing the original vanity
Full shot of the room.  My favorite part of the room is the seamless glass door. It makes the room look so much bigger.
Care to look at the before shots?  Warning - gross!
Have I mentioned I hate beige and those old integrated sinks
Unfortunately those sinks are throughout the entire house.
Work in progress with my friend and favorite partner in crime.
Why is it that when you start ripping out walls, you almost always find unpleasant surprises?  In this case, all the plumbing needed to be redone.  Cha-ching!
A few detail shots of the after:
After selecting granite once, I was back to the granite shop for pick # 2, due to an error of measurement.  Fortunately it was their error and not mine.  This is choice # 2.

New floor, which I like but probably would not choose again

Detail shot of the decorative tile.  While I am a big fan of classic white subway tile, I do not think I would use this glass tile for the trim again.  While it gives the shower some color, I think it's a  little too trendy for the long haul.
I am happy that this bath is now a concluded project.  I am also happy that I started with this bath.  My plan is to work through the baths in order of most important (master bath) coming last.  That room is going to take super planning and I want to take my time and be happy with all my final choices. It's also going to take coming up with a plan that involves the removal of an angled wall that I dislike and coming up with a clever design without changing the current footprint.  Think Sarah Richardson is available? 


Stephanie said...

Love this!!! Thank you so much for posting. I love the floors!

Katy said...

oh my I am terrified of all the bathrooms I have to remodel - and they all look like your "before" too. :((( Ugh I hate bathrooms, ripping out all the old tiles and crap :(
it looks lovely, I will prob not go with any trendy tiles either because I am never renovating these baths again. ha!!

Noralee said...

Wow! Looks great!
I have been looking at a similar floor. You mention you would not choose this one again. Care to share why? Is the product a problem or is it a design issue? Also, what would you install instead?